Ethics | Legal Issues

Ethics | Legal Issues


Red Line Project Principles Page (Student Media)

The Guardian’s Approach to Generative AI

WBUR Boston: Ethics Guide: GenAI

BR: Ethics of AI

Poynter: How to Create a Newsroom Artificial Intelligence Ethics Policy

Trusting News
Has many tips on building AI policies, etc.


NY Times Sues OpenAI and Microsoft Over Copyright
A case that will have a huge impact on intellectual property in the AI era

Writing and Exclusion: AI Helps Expand Definitions of Literacy
Interesting post from CUNY’s Jeff Jarvis on how to understand AI tools, not run from them.

Fair Use, Copyright, and the Challenge of Memorization in the NYT vs. OpenAI
By Nick Diakopoulos at Northwestern University

Markkula Center: Guidelines for the Ethical Useof Generative AI on Campus

Columbia Journalism Review: Is AI Software a Partner for Journalism, or a Disaster?

How is Using AI Technology
Good example of transparency with readers

Personal Policy on Ethical AI Use
Example of a good policy to share with readers about how you’re using AI in your journalism.

AP Stylebook Standards on AI

Poynter: New AP Stylebook Guidelines on AI

UNESCO’s Ethical Impact Assessment Tool for Artificial Intelligence

Reuters Institute: Focus on the Humans, Not the Robots: Tips from the Author of AP Guidelines on How to Cover AI
A Q&A with Garance Burke, who led the development of the AI chapter in the latest edition of the AP Stylebook.

Journalist’s Resource: Researchers Compare AI Policies and Guidelines at 52 News Organizations

Partnership on AI: Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media

PineCone: Understanding Hallucinations in AI – A Comprehensive Guide

OpenAI’s webcrawler has documentation that news orgs can use to block the crawler from grabbing their content.

Wired: Will AI Take Over Your Job, or Will You Work Side-by-Side with Machines?

Good Reads: I Would Rather See My Books Pirated Than This
Author Jane Friedman on how someone used AI to create fake books under her name and sell them on Amazon.

Trusting News: See How Newsrooms Talk Publicly About Improving Diversity in Their Coverage
Lynn Walsh used AI in the writing of this post. Disclosure included at the bottom)

Trusting News: Use Viral Photos as a Chance to Explain Visuals

Algorithms in the Newsrooms: Challenges and Recommendations for Artificial Intelligence with the Ethical Values of Journalism
Research-based analysis of the ethics of AI and journalism by Patrícia Ventura Pocino.
Superpowers organizations to manage and use generative AI safely, securely, and with the simplicity needed to unlock its potential across the enterprise. Software can protect your content uploaded to LLMs by preventing them from using your content to train its models.

Uncovers copyright violations with AI

Peta Pixel’s Unethical Use of AI for News Photo

Council of Europe: Guidelines on the Responsible Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems in Journalism

Columbia Journalism Review: The News Media and AI: A New Front in Copyright Law 

Chicago Sun-Times: Artificial Intelligence is Good for Many Things, but it Doesn’t Work So Well in Journalism

NY Times: ‘A.I. Obama’ and Fake Newscasters: How A.I. Audio Is Swarming TikTok

Wall Street Journal: AI and Journalism Need Each Other

Oliver Wyman: AI’S Bias May be Easier to Fix Than Humanity’s, Here’s Why

Generative AI in the Newsroom: AI and News: What’s Next?

Poynter: To Build Trust in the Age of AI, Journalists Need New Standards and Disclosures

Trusting News: Can ChatGPT and AI Help Us Prevent Bias and Polarization in Our Reporting?

Simon Rogers: AI for Data Storytelling

NY Times: Can We No Longer Believe Anything We See?

AI Comprehensive Guide to Ethical Prinicples and Practices

Sarah Silverman Suing OpenAI and Meta Over Copright Infringement

RJI: Don’t have a newsroom policy for ChatGPT? Join the club!

Toward Guidelines for Guidelines on the Use of Generative AI in Newsrooms

Slate: AI Can I Have My Old Job?

Forbes: AI-Created Images Aren’t Protected By Copyright Law According To U.S. Copyright Office

Fortune: Nvidia and Adobe try to Fix AI’s Copyright Problem

VoxEurop: A Call for Generative AI-Free Newsrooms

Nieman Reports: Smart Ways Journalists Can Explore AI

Birmingham City University: Generative AI Diversity Guidelines – Birmingham School of Media Ethics of Generative AI for Journalism: What We Know So Far

Ultimate List of AI Tools
A great list from Descript’s Ashley Hamer.

CJR: How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Journalists?

Understanding Journalism and AI
An excellent Medium post by Corinne Podger that includes best practices, academic research, links to tools and more.

PR Newswire: Communications, AI andthe Role of Ethics

Artificial Intelligence in Local News: A Survey of US Newsrooms’ AI Readiness
Download a free .PDF of The Associated Press’ groundbreaking report that provides important insights into local news outlets’ understanding of artificial intelligence and their readiness to use AI to meet their journalism and business needs. The report is based on survey results from nearly 200 newsrooms across all 50 states and more than two dozen in-depth interviews with local news leaders. Print, radio, television and digital outlets are represented, as well as commercial and nonprofit operations. In addition to demonstrating a readiness to adopt AI and automation technologies, the report outlines what local news providers need to drive technological innovation.

NY Times Lawsuit: A Twitter Thread
Jason Kint’s great breakdown of NY Times lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft. Eight Tasks ChatGPT Can Do for Journalists

101 AI Tools You Can Start Using Today

GIJN: 10 Things You Should Know About AI in Journalism

GIJN: Journalist’s Guide to Using AI and Satellite Imagery for Storytelling

Nieman Lab: AI Throws a Lifeline to Local Publishers
A forward-thinking article, written in late 2022, by Joe Amditis, assistant director of products and events at the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University.

The Guardian: ChatGPT is Making up Fake Guardian Articles. Here’s How We’re Responding

Nieman Lab: The Year AI Truly Arrives – With Reckoning
Written by Burt Herman, former AP journalist and founder of Storify.

A People’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

Forbes: 10 Most Important AI Trends for 2024 That Everyone Must Be Ready For

The Economist: The 5 Best Books for Understanding AI

Nieman Lab: Synthetic Media Forces Us to Understand How Media Gets Made
Written by Sam Gregory, director of programs, strategy, and innovation at Witness, the global human rights and civic journalism network.

Knight Lab: AI, Automation and Newsrooms

The Fix: AI Tools to Save Journalists Time and Money

Wonder Tools: Try These AI Writing Tools in 2023
A great collection of tools in Jeremy Caplan’s Substack newsletter.

Data Journalism: Wrangling the Robots: Leveraging Smart Data-Driven Software for Newsrooms

The Artificial Creativity Landscape
More than 180 AI tools in a downloadable PDF. Just click on the icons to find your next AI tool for creative and knowledge work.

Analytics Insight: The Rise of AI Tools for Automated Journalism

Why Local News Should be Utilizing AI
From the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri.

A research and training project at Polis, the international journalism think tank of the London School of Economics.

Associated Press: AI Projects and How We’re Using the Technology

Images of AI
No, it’s not robots. Here are some Creative Commons-licensed images that you can use.

How AI Can Now Falsify Satellite Images