AI data tools

AI data tools

AI tool converts text into charts

A ChatGPT plug-in and Chrome browser extension that generates custom automation with more than 30 applications. Scrape the web, update Google Sheets and boost your productivity.

Six Best AI Tools for Data Visualization in 2023
Eliminate hours wasted finding, cleaning, visualizing and transforming data using the power of AI.

AI-driven interactive chart-making tool

Open-ssource HTML5 charts for your website

GIJN: How to Use ChatGPT to Extract Data from PDFs
A good step-by-step with an excellent eight-minute training video at the end.

Use ChatGPT to create mind maps, etc. on a 2-Dimensional interface
ChatGPT plug-in lets you build charts and diagrams from text.

Narrative BI
GPT-driven tool analyzes ad/marketing  data.

Mix Panel Spark
Allows you to chat with your data

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT tech, this tool transform data into conversations. Your uploaded documents and data become the foundation of your chatbot’s knowledge, allowing it to engage in meaningful and productive conversations.

Natural language data integration tool

A chatbot assistant for multisource information integration

Batch process your data with AI: classification, parsing, translation, transformation, etc.

Streamline your analytics workflow. Free trial with paid tiers.
From simply monitoring website pages that have a change (such as watching prices, restock notification), to deep inspection such as PDF text support, JSON and XML monitoring and extensive text triggers.

Encrypt and analzye data

A simple API that can categorize, classify, or label any data.

ChatGPT AskyourPDF Plug-in
Turns your PDF into a chatbot

Chart plugin for Figma
Create charts and other visualizes
Practical data science tools for journalists.

Our World in Data: Our Personal Experiences and Imporance of Global Data

Understand patterns, analyze influential factors, and effortlessly make forecasts with their live data. Free trial and you can request a demo.

How to Choose the Right Visualization for Your Data
Open-source data pipeline tool for transforming and integrating data.

Simplify marketing data into charts and graphics

Accesses detailed business research on companies

Mostly AI
Create AI-generated synthetic data based on your existing data sample. Eliminate privacy risks and preserve all your statistical attributes.

AI business data tool. Forecast revenue, analyze live data, visualize survey sentiment, track ad spend, and predict customer lifetime value in one intuitive platform.

A spreadsheet “with superpowers.” Connect and analyze data, build forms and dashboards, automate and share them. Eliminate manual work that slows you down.

Write descriptive prompt and the material will appear in your Google Sheet.

AI Excel Bot
Turns plain text into Excel formulas

AI spreadsheet assistant

Supercharge your spreadsheets with GPT-powered AI tools for connecting data, building reports, and automatically analyzing and visualizing trends in your data.

Interview data with this tool. $20 a month
Free web-scraping tool
Web scraping tool. One-time fee to use.
Automate data extraction and capture. Transforms physical documents to structured digital data.

Numerous AI
Google Sheets and MS Excel are made simple. Use this AI tool to extract, categorize, generate formulas, and use ChatGPT to work like a pro.


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