Search and SEO

Search and SEO

Bing Chat
AI-powered search. Create images in chat, with the new Bing’s Image Creator. Search, chat and create, all in one place.

Boost YouTube views. Freemium account with monthly plans starting at $5.

Known as the “The Ultimate AI News Engine,” the site uses artificial intelligence to turn unstructured news content into actionable data. Source real-time multilingual headlines, articles, and dynamic summaries from thousands of open web sources. Leverage intelligent algorithms and news-centric features such as news topic ranking, extraction-based summarization, and more to filter news for different types of users. Track news in real time across 20,000 highly trusted sources across the globe and pick the most important stories first. Access automatically aggregated news from news API. Access extractive short summaries of news in various languages.Monthly plans start at $10 with a free trial.
GPT-like search queries off prompts. Lists citations at the top that you can use to fact-check. Paid version includes the ability to generate images within your searches, which you save in individual libraries.

Globe Explorer
Context-aware search engine

AI-driven search

AI-driven search tool

Gather and analyze ideas from high-quality sources

Does It Exist
This search engine helps you generate ideas and find if a tool or app already exists.

Earthly Reports
AI-powered reporting assistant, offering global environmental data, including detailed temperature trends. Dataset comes from the National Centers for Environmental Information and includes historical and spatial comparisons of global meteorological data to determine trends and patterns. Just type in a query and read the tailored, insightful data from around the globe.

AP: Go beyond Google. How to Use New Generative AI Search Sites

Research GPT
Custom-built GPT that helps with complex research issues by providing experts to speak to and articles to read.

AI Search Whisperer
Search expert Henk Van Ess built this tool that uses Chat GPT 4.0 to tool forecasts patterns in texts and integrates Google Dorks into its functionality and explains why it did it. It is not build in the normal ChatGPT.

Editor and Publisher: The Emerging World of AI-Powered Search

A custom GPT from PredictaLab similar to Search Whisperer

AI search engine for research, with a focus on science

Quickly discover and book leading experts for your news stories with this AI-powered newsgathering platform built by journalists, for journalists. Find experts, scan the news cycle 10X faster, access a preloaded news planning calendar, even get social engagement scores for your published content.

* readers get special free access to Rolli’s suite of tools for journalists, with invitation code: JOURNOAI redeemable at

AI-powered search engine that is good for finding medical and other research papers

Does It Exist
This search engine helps you generate ideas and find if a tool or app already exists. 

AI-powered search engine that is good for finding medical and other research papers

Offers direct answers to your search query, not just links

AI-driven enterprise search. Search across work apps with multimodal-AI enterprise search. GoSearch takes team knowledge management to a new level of efficiency with AI generated answers and information discovery.

AI-driven bookmark management and chat

Contact Out
Find anyone’s email or phone number.

Research more than 200 million papers with this GPT
Paid people search tool.

Skip Tracer
Collect and search YouTube transcripts for multiple videos from a channel.

E&P: Concerned About Your News Organizations Plummeting Search Traffic?

Twitter List Search
A tool by Henk Van Ess to search for Twitter lists using keyword(s).

Arc Search
Direct-answer search tool.

AI-powered workplace search assistant

Search Alkemy
Gives you keyword research in minutes

Deep search tool
Type in a web address and get a list of email addresses of people within that domain.

An AI-powered content creation tool designed to help users grow organic traffic by generating SEO-optimized articles effortlessly.

Nota offers a suite of assistive AI tools that can reformat human-created content into multiple different text, audio and video formats. You can use tools individually or plug them into your CMS for seamless integration. It creates SEO headlines, social posts, short videos, image generation and generates newsletters from stories. Paid tool.

This is a pay-for-use and subscription people-finder tool. Your school or library may have access. Search by name, phone, address, or email to confidentially lookup information about people. Contact information, personal details, location history, family and associates, social media accounts. 

Search by name to find addresses, phones (including cell phones), businesses, and relatives. 

AI search engine across more than 5 million research papers

Search by name, phone, address. Then check the box and click on “I agree,” and then click on the person who matches by address and age. 

People search engine, find addresses, phones, emails

Free domain search by company, name, etc.

Circle to Search
Browser extension that integrates AI to transform traditional search queries into interactive conversations.

Guide to Email Search Tools
A super list built by Jake Creps.

Database Search Engine
Perform domain, name and keyword searches across more than 1,300 databases.

OSINT Cheat Sheet for Search Engines
Great guide from Alex Lozano

Chat LLM
Search for free for a month, then $10 monthly after that.

Analyze, search, and extract research papers
A simple interface that lets you search phone numbers, emails, license plates and other information. 

AI search engine

AI Researcher
Perlego’s AI Researcher enables users to enter any search query and in response it suggests relevant excerpts from an extensive library of over a million textbooks that best answer that query.

Can search across 200 million academic papers to “get science-based answers, and draft content with accurate citations.”

GIJN: Top 10 Investigative Tools of 2023
Excellent list of research tools – Free Public Data Search
Free public data searches, including voter registration, etc.

LinkedIn Advanced Search
Find profiles of people with various expertise|

You get five  free lookups a month. Sign up with gmail, then add the Chrome extension. Search directly or use with LinkedIn.

Smart Tools AI
Smart Tools AI is a hub for best AI tools that help streamline the work of the users. It offers different tools in multiple categories such as keyword analysis, unit conversion, online calculation, website development, website management, domain analysis, password management, image conversion, text analysis, website tracking, online PDF and binary

Arc Search
An app that reads multiple web pages and creates a custom web page for you. Also available as a popular desktop search browser.

Content & SEO GPT
Custom GPT that assesses website usefulness, relevance, and quality

SEO Flight Deck
AI-powered keyword rank tracking. Paid tool with seven-day free trial

A tool for call tracking and analytics

Instantly generate SEO-optimized websites for businesses and creators

Search for insights in podcasts.

Search all your apps, at once.
Free plan allows for 25 website searches per month. Good for email searches.

Use it to locate email addresses

This Stable Diffusion search engine uses that uses text as prompts

Pare down your reading time with data extraction, AI Copilot and paraphraser in one tool

AI search tool to advance the way people discover and share information. Available as a phone app, too

Research Rabbit Discovery App
Unlocks a completely novel way to search for papers and authors, monitor new literature, visualize research landscapes, and collaborate with colleagues. 

SciSpace Copilot
Chrome plugin that helps you understand scientific literature. Tools for Journalists: Missing Perspectives Directory, for Connecting Newsrooms with Women

Wofram Alpha
Search facts on many topics. Also solve math problems.

The AI search engine for developers. Search for prompts

Use natural language to create advanced Twitter search queries.
Uses AI to track updates to web pages you want monitored.

Monitor web pages for changes. Lots of pro features. Daily/weekly summary email. Monitor pages which require clicks or submission of values. Monitor specific parts of a page. Download data. Free plan monitors up to five pages.. $5 a month after that.

Keep track of key changes to your competitors’ websites. Get alerts on key changes, including staff changes, pricing tweaks, new products, address changes, and more. Free trial, then paid

Compint Competitor Website Monitoring
Track competitors website changes on a daily basis while controlling frequency and sensitivity. Free tool.
AI-driven SEO tool. Pricing starts at $100 a month.

​​Free ChatGPT and search engine

Find YouTube audiences faster with AI keyword research
More than 5,000 AI tools in a searchable database

Paid AI search tool. You can request a free demo.

Keytalk Deep Search
Recommendation AI that gathers insight from people-powered data and processes them into a practical decision-support system for each industry. Tailor it to work for movies, music, politics, etc.

IntelTechniques Search Tool
Resources for backgrounding people, all housed in one place.
The tool promises to “will give you a SEO workflow to boost your organic traffic, increase your visibility, and improve your rank. Seven-day trial with paid accounts starting at $69 a month.

Search for AI images
Use the search engine as a WebApp or via Messenger and get your perfect answer without any advertising.

Helps you discover and  book top creators

An AI-powered browser that keeps you organized.

Online Research Guide
Internet search expert Henk van Ess offers tips to investigate people and subjects on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, and more.

AI research assistant

Analytics dashboard

Browse AI
Train a robot in two minutes to extract and monitor data from any website

Searchable database: How to find and use the best prompts

AI-powered optimization tool

RivalFlow AI
Improve your existing content’s SEO using cutting-edge AI technology

JECT.AI pulls from millions of published news articles and publications to give you recommendations for news angles and voices. It uses artificial intelligence to help editors, freelance journalists and others find emerging trends, potential news stories, and access new research and resources. Be careful using this tool and vet what you find.

Find the top web apps powered by AI

GIJN: Five Search Tools to Make Journalists’ Lives Easier

CUNY: Tools for Finding/Tracking People

Supertools (
A database full of useful AI tools

Semantic Scholar
Semantic Scholar is an AI-based search and discovery tool for research resources. It contains more than 200 million scholarly articles that come from partnerships with publishers, data providers and web crawls.

AP Newsroom
Has an AI option for photo and video search

A treasure chest of AI tools
AI search engines.

Content Suite by Senuto
Generate web traffic with just a few clicks


Google SEO Starter Guide
The basics from Google Search Central includes pages of documentation, including AI’s impact on search

“Pink Slime” News Outlets Outpacing Local Newspapers

Forbes: How AI Will Revolutionize the Future of SEO

Search Engine Journal: Researchers Discover How To SEO For AI Search

AI Contently: Impact of AI on Search and Content SEO
It’s helping to better understand the intent behind the content.

Search Engine Land: Has AI Changed SEO for Better or Worse
AI SEO tool

UseStyle AI
Custom SEO tool

SEO tools and analysis.

Goal of this app is to help newsrooms with SEO best practices.

SEO/writing tool for marketers with many SEO features. Monthly plans start at $39.

Goal of this app is to help newsrooms with SEO best practices.

Seona AI
An AI SEO assistant that can update your site and boost its discoverability automatically.

Surfer SEO
SEO enhancement tool

Boost your SEO instantly with this AI assistant

Offers a wide view/approach to SEO through AI


Writing and SEO research tool

List of ChatGPT SEO Prompts

Headline Hero
Plug in the story copy and settings (length, keywords to include) and it will write an SEO-friendly headline for you.

SEO expertise for writing articles, blog posts and newsletters
Describe your business as you would to a customer or in an advertisement and it generates some URLs for you to consider.

SEO Content AI

AI Writer
I wouldn’t use this as a writing tool but it’s good at suggesting SEO headlines, etc.
Create articles, images and manage SEO in this all-in-one tool.

Write long-form, SEO-friendly blog articles in a single click

Retails for around $400 a month. Marketing content platform with strong SEO tools, the latter of which could be helpful to journalists.

Tool for writing branded SEO content. Free trail with monthly plans starting around $50.

Copy Smith
Mostly for marketing copy but has some good SEO features. Plans start at $228 per year.

Ellie Email Assistant
A simple email writing assistant starting at $16.

SearchEngineLand: What is SEO?
Video explains what search engine optimization is and how it works.

ChatGPT SEO Plugin
Send a URL and keyword and get an SEO analysis in a few seconds

Bramework Plugin
Find keywords and do SEO analysis

Use AI to analyze and improve the SEO 

Website Performance
Measure key metrics about your website, performance, accessibility, best practices

SEO Assistant
Create a list of keywords to make it easy for Google to rank your content.


GIJN: Five Online Search Tools to Make Journalists’ Lives Easier

GIJN Toolbox: Searching Social Media

Daniel Russell’s Google Search Site

Google Search Operators

Google’s Search Tips

Google’s Year in Search 2020

Sarah Marshall: Google Search Tips for Journalists

Google: Good To Know
Location-based search.
A non-public Facebook keyword search

Photo Find App
Navigate to the exact place a photo was taken.

Substack newsletter search

Building Biases into Google Searches
An excellent summary of Henk Van Ess’s July 2022 Google search training. Many great tips for narrowing searches.

Search Engine Journal

Expertise Finder: Google Search Tips for Journalists

Google Labs
Check out Google technologies in development.

Library of Congress: Newspaper Navigator: Photos
Search 1.56 million historic newspaper photos

Google Hot Trends
Track what people are searching for on the web.

Who Posted What
Non-public Facebook keyword search.

X/Twitter Search

Track who has lifted content off your website. Just type in the URL of your site.
Look up people by username, etc.

Google Person Finder

Google News Archive Search
Find movie clips

News Lookup

LexisWeb Legal Search Engine

ChatGPT for Google
Browser extension that allows ChatGPT to work alongside Google.

Google Scholar
Search academic journals, articles, case law, etc
More than 2,000 searchable databases. Almanac Search Page

Quote Search Engine

Pandia Search Engine for News Sites
A free online article search.

A British site with many U.S. resources. Updates every five minutes.

Search News Feeds
Searches many news feeds.

Fagan Finder

USPS: Quick Zip Code Search