AI editing tools

AI editing tools


From the American Copy Editors Society #ACESChat: You MUST fact-check any AI-generated content for plagiarism, falsehoods, outdated information, biased or made-up information. Think of AI as making suggestions: You can accept or reject them the same way you would grammar check or spell check. Remember, AI should work for you, not vice-versa. For example, use ChatGPT to take a confusing paragraph and prompt it to “please clarify this text.” The response sometimes clears up the author’s intended meaning.

Headline Hero
Plug in the story copy and settings (length, keywords to include) and it will write a headline for you.

Quillbot Paraphraser
An AI paraphrasing tool that lets journalists rephrase any text while ensuring that content retains the correct vocabulary, tone, and style. It includes a grammar checker, plagiarism checker and summarizer.

Hemingway App
Free AI-based tool grades your writing for readability, etc.

Writing Feedback Pro
This Custom GPT (available only in ChatGPT Plus) will help you tighten and brighten a paragraph or two in your writing. Created by CUNY’s Jeremy Caplan, the tool offers tips and advice on your writing, not actually rewriting it.

Check academic manuscripts and references. Trial with reasonable pricing.

AP Stylebook Standards on AI

AI Writer
I wouldn’t use this as a writing tool but it’s good at suggesting SEO headlines, etc.

Free editing tools with paid upgrades

AI that helps you write better analogies

AP Style Checking Tools

Poynter: Is the Future of Fact-Checking Automated?

Convert articles into Twitter threads and more

AP Style-Checking Tool
Also ask ChatGPT to rewrite a block of text using AP Style

TinyWow AI Writing Tools
The popular all-in-one productivity tool now features a page of AI writing tools. Use with caution and fact-check/edit anything produced by AI.

Headline Hero GPT
Enter a topic and keywords and it will generate headlines. Moreso for social media

There’s An AI for That: Headline Generators
A list of generators and other AI tools

ReWriter Pro
Rewrites copy into clear and concise prose

Write flawless English with AI-powered grammar and spelling correction

Google Cloud Gen AI Readings

DeepL Write
Cut/paste a selection of text and this tool will tell you how to improve it. Has free and paid models

WordTune Spices
Advanced word processing tool. Has free and paid models

Rewrites and transforms your writing instantly

Similar to Grammarly, you can edit and track changes to your writing

Pairs different fonts together using deep learning. Great for designers

AI-powered article summarizer

AI-generated text detector tool for ChatGPT.

AI-powered productivity tool: Meeting notes, video chats, mind maps and more

AI meeting assistant. Note-taking on Zoom calls