AI fact-checking tools

AI fact-checking tools

Information Tracer
Tool that helps detect coordinated misinformation campaigns. It helps journalists collect, contextualize, and visualize cross-platform social media data. The system uses a combination of algorithms to detect emerging narratives and coordinated patterns.

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Exorde Network
Exorde is the protocol that analyses web sentiment and trends in real-time, thanks to AI and decentralization. The global platform tracks the spread and virality of information pieces on the internet.

AI-driven tool tracks disinformation in content and point journalists to credible sources. Includes a database called FactiSearch.

Hamilton 2.0 Dashboard
Focuses on media messages and narratives promoted by the Russian, Chinese and Iranian governments, including social media search.

Media Bias/Fact Check
Rates websites and media organizations on their bias, political affiliation, etc.

Climate Feedback
Debunks fake climate news.

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Upload an image and it breaks it down by pixel to see if changes have been made. Similar to FotoForensics.

Free online EXIF viewer

DeFake Project
Combines user studies with journalists as well as the latest in the AI research to develop a tool that would help the journalists detect these videos.

Tags that help ID fact-checked stories

Gives scores for Twitter accounts, with a low score for human accounts and a high score for a bot.

Tracks the path of articles and gives scores to them. Good for flagging fake news.

The Factual
Algorithm rates news articles on quality of sources, expertise, etc.

Reverse image search with AI facial recognition.

Verify visual content 

Reverse search an image’s history and find when/where it first appeared.

EXIF Data Viewer



Verification plugin – WeVerify
A collection of image and video verification tools from InVID.

The Glorious ContextuBot
This tool from SharedNation detects the original source of audio files.

This Person Does Not Exist
Reload to see AI-driven images of deepfake photos of people.

YouTube DataViewer
Extract metadata from YouTube videos and reverse-image search the thumbnails of the video to see where it has appeared.

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