AI for local newsrooms

AI for local newsrooms


Beginner’s Prompt Handbook: ChatGPT for Local News Publishers
Joe Amditis of the Center for Cooperative Media has created a new ebook to help publishers with the AI tool. The book offers specific examples on how to write good prompts and unexpected use cases for newsrooms.

Generative AI in the Newsroom
Medium posts from Northwestern’s Nick Diakopoulos and others on how to implement AI.

AP Stylebook Standards on AI

AI-Generated News Has Arrived in New Jersey
Joe Amditis writes about AI-driven LocalLens and how it’s serving as sort of a “metal detector” for local news.

Digital Content Next: What Generative AI Means to Media Companies

Journalism AI Connect
Polis, the journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the Google News Initiative launched this Slack community for journalists, developers and media professionals who are enthusiastic about the responsible use of AI technologies in journalism.

Generative AI in the Newsroom: AI and News: What’s Next?

LinkedIn: 10 AI Tools That Can Help Journalists and Editors Tackle Changing Newsrooms

Partnership on AI: Sketching the Field of AI Tools for Local Newsrooms

World Association of News Publishers: New Survey Finds Half of Newsrooms Use Generative AI Tools; Only 20% Have Guidelines in Place

Local Media Association + Local Media Foundation: What AI chatbots (Might) Mean for Local News

Hold the Front Page (UK): AI Will Drive Further Wedge Between Local News Outlets and Readers

Sketching the Field of AI Tools for Local Newsrooms

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