AI | plagiarism detection

AI | plagiarism detection


*-I post this here as a warning. There are tools such as AI Undetect and Humanize AI Text, rewrite tools that offer an AI detection remover service. They can fool GPTZero, ZeroGPT, Copyleak, etc. There also have been isolated reports that the detection tools may have a bias against international students. Regardless, don’t solely rely on the detection tools when evaluating the work. Talk to the reporters and students, especially if it shows a lower percentage rate. 

Detect ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4, Bard, and other AI models. Various settings for AI and human + AI. Useful for detecting AI in stories, press releases and schoolwork, though double-check it against other tools and make sure to talk to the author before taking action.

AI detection tool. Free with paid upgrades. Available as a Chrome extension as well.

Free AI detection tool with paid upgrades. Tracks several tools, including Claude.

Revision History
An extension for Chrome and Edge browsers that lets educators to see the edit history of students’ assignments in Google Docs.

Identify AI-generated content
Find the detectable traces of AI and suggest rewrites to remove them.

ChatGPT Detectors
A list of dozens of detection tools. Some free, some paid.

Free AI-detection tool

ZeroGPT AI Detection Tool
The most accurate Chat GPT, Bard, Paraphrasing, and GPT-4 AI detector built specifically for content marketers and SEO. Charges a dime for every 1,000 words checked. Available as a Chrome extension as well. Price plans start at $15 a month.

A free AI-powered programme called was created to assist professionals and students in producing excellent essays quickly. It has functions including text summarising, APA formatting, plagiarism detection, essay rewriting, and paraphrasing. The platform places a strong emphasis on academic integrity and offers premium options for unrestricted usage and other features.

Is It AI? Text Detector

Leap AI Detection Tool

AI writing assistant offering grammar checks, paraphrasing, predictive text, and plagiarism detection. AI Content Detector
Try for free, then $18 a month. Checks up to 5,000 words at a time.

Distinguishes between AI and human-written text
AI and plagiarism detection tool

Best Colleges: Best AI Detection Software

A tool to rewrite AI-generated content for SEO and undetectable by AI detectors

Helps bypass AI detection with AI