AI guides and articles

AI guides and articles


Financial Times: How Generative AI Works
An incredible scrolltelling visual explanation.

The Verge: AI is a Lot of Work
A behind-the-scenes look at How AI works. Very important read.

The Language of Artificial Intelligence Explained

How ChatGPT Works
An article and videos by Jay Alammar explains the fundamentals

AI Terms and Definitions
From Sil Hamilton, AI expert’s materials from a Knight Center AI tools training

Illustrating Word2Vec
A visual of how AI works, converting words to numbers.

IBM: What is Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)?
Article and video on RAG, an AI framework for retrieving facts from an external knowledge base to ground large language models (LLMs) on the most accurate, up-to-date information and to give users insight into LLMs’ generative process.

The Rise and Potental of LLM-Based Agents

Tbe Upgrade: Media AI Future With Joe Amditis

Poynter: How Fact-Checkers Can Use AI Wisely
Excellent tips and tools

Twipe: 10 Ways Journalists Use AI in the Newsroom

AI Use Policy
Link NKY policy they post on how they handle AI use in the newsroom.

Editor and Publisher: The Emerging World of AI-Powered Search


Guide to Google’s AI Products

AP’s Local News AI Initiative
Webinars, research and how to implement AI into your newsroom.

Generative AI in Journalism: The Evolution of Newswork and Ethics in a Generative Information Ecosystem (April 2024)
includes responses from almost 300 news professionals to better understand generative AI and its use in the field of journalism.

Newsroom of Tomorrow
An in-depth study on how newsrooms are implementing AI and other tech into their newsrooms around the world.

Poynter: How to Create a Newsroom Artificial Intelligence Ethics Policy

NY Times Sues OpenAI and Microsoft Over Copyright
A case that will have a huge impact on intellectual property in the AI era

European Union Passes Artificial Intelligence Act
Law has sweeping regulations on AI use

AI Procurement and Use Guidebook for Newsrooms
Produced by the Partnership on AI and the Knight Foundation.

Which AI Should I Use?
This guide breaks down which tools to use for which job?

Nieman Lab: For the First Time, Two Pulizer Winners Used AI in Their Articles
2024 winner disclosed using AI while researching, reporting, or drafting their submitted stories.

GIJN: New AI and Large Language Model Tools for Journalists: What to Know
Rowan Philp’s excellent article from the 2024 NICAR conference on how to use AI.

The Guardian: Where Are the Godmothers of AI? Women’s Voices Not Heard in Tech
Article by Luba Kassova, an award-winning evidence-based storyteller and author of “The Missing Perspectives of Women in the News”.

Nieman Lab: Newsweek is Making Generative AI a Fixture in its Newsroom

Center for News Technology and Information: Watermarks are Just One of Many Tools Needed for Effective Use of AI in News

Zach Seward: Creating Structure With AI

Wired: Biden Wants US Government Algorithms Tested ofr Potential Harm Against Citizens

BBC: Content Provenance and the Fight Against Disinformation

AP Stylebook Standards on AI

Poynter: New AP Stylebook Guidelines on AI

Journalist’s Resource: Researchers Compare AI Policies and Guidelines at 52 News Organizations

Generative AI in the Newsroom
Medium posts from Northwestern’s Nick Diakopoulos and others on how to implement AI.

Meta: Guidelines for Labeling AI-Generated Images on Social

AI Tool Mall
A searchable database of AI tools, organized by topic.

Government Technology: AI Chatbot Murrow Teaching Journalism and Critical Thinking

Generative AI at the BBC

First Magazine and Podcast Made Entirely With AI

A Beginner’s Guide to Image Generation with DALL-E 3
How to use DALL-E 3, plus a gallery of 50 art styles to use when generating images. From Joe Amditis at the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University.

Guide to Teaching Journalism Online
Buy the text or read it for free online

Nine Ways to Use AI on Your Phone
An excellent X/Twitter thread on how to use various AI tools and apps

Media Experts Reflect on AI in 2023
Some great perspectives in Peter Bittner’s end-of-year newsletter. (Full disclosure: Mike Reilley is included).

OpenAI Prompt Engineering Guide
The guide shares strategies and tactics for getting better results from large language models (sometimes referred to as GPT models) like GPT-4. The methods described here can sometimes be deployed in combination for greater effect. We encourage experimentation to find the methods that work best for you.

AI, Tech and Privacy Academy
From the site: Foster legal knowledge and critical thinking about technology in two main ways: first, our free channels—the newsletter, live lessons, AI book club, and social media content—reach thousands of people every day, spreading awareness and curiosity around the topic. Second, our training programs offer in-depth perspectives on technology and its legal & ethical challenges, empowering participants to upskill and advance their careers. [We] invite you to join our network, reimagine technology, and broaden your leadership opportunities.”

The AI Reports
The best and worst AI tools ranked by reviews

Council of Europe: Guidelines on the Responsible Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems in Journalism

AI Pro Max
Access to tips and tools

Wall Street Journal: AI and Journalism Need Each Other

How AI Could Sap — or Save — Local News
Steve Waldman opinion piece for Poynter. One conclusion: AI will require more local reporters not fewer reporters.

RJI: Make a Strategic Investment in AI for the Future Six AI Newsletters for Journalists

Reuters Institute: Focus on the Humans, Not the Robots: Tips from the Author of AP Guidelines on How to Cover AI
A Q&A with Garance Burke, who led the development of the AI chapter in the latest edition of the AP Stylebook.

Center for Artistic Inquiry and Reporting: Restrict AI Illustration from Publishing: An Open Letter

Google Cloud Skills Boost: GenerativeAI Learning Path
Free comprehensive training: AI, large language models, responsible AI, image generation and more.

Knight Center: Useful Artificial Intelligence Resources for Journalists
A great list of tools and guides.

PineCone: Understanding Hallucinations in AI – A Comprehensive Guide

Prompt Engineering Guide
Excellent primer on how to write effective prompts

Fair Use, Copyright, and the Challenge of Memorization in the NYT vs. OpenAI
By Nick Diakopoulos at Northwestern University

Aspen Digital: Navigating Uncharted Waters: Generative AI Guidance for Organizations (Aspen Digital Institute) Guide on responsible use of Gen AI by employees

JSK Fellows: Building AI Tools for Reporters and Editors
Testing prototypes of AI tools that can assist journalists with various tasks, such as repackaging stories for different audiences, gathering background information and getting feedback from synthetic readers.

Poynter: How Should We Use News Produced by AI? A Guide for Publishers

Microsoft: Introduction to Prompt Engineering

Anthropic: Introduction to Prompt Design
A guide on how to create prompts for Claude.

CNN: The Era of Deepfakes in Politics is Upon Us

Google SEO Starter Guide
The basics from Google Search Central that includes pages of documentation, including AI’s impact on search

AI Contently: Impact of AI on Search and Content SEO
It’s helping to better understand the intent behind the content.

Search Engine Land: has AI Changed SEO for Better or Worse

Forbes: How AI Will Revolutionize the Future of SEO

A Guide to ChatGPT Plugins

Harvard Kennedy School: Misinformation Reloaded? Fears About the Impact of Generative AI on Misinformation are Overblown

OpenAI’s webcrawler has documentation that news orgs can use to block the crawler from grabbing their content.

Nieman Lab 2024 Predictions: Visuals Get a Boost from AI-Powered Tools
USC’s Amara Aguilar shares ideas on how AI will impact tools for journalists in 2024.

Washington Post: These Look Like Prizewinning Photos. They’re AI Fakes
A look at ethics, AI and fake news photos

A Checklist for the Procurement of External AI Systems by Media Organizations

Legitimate: How AI Can Empower Local Journalism: Image Creation
Find more than 1,500 AI tools using this platform

Prompt Engineering Guide
Basics of prompt-writing, including prompt types, formats, techniques and examples.

Ultimate Prompt Engineering Guide for Text Generation

GPT for Sheets and Docs guide
How to use GPT for Sheets and Docs add-ons/

Fine Tuning Tutorial: TikTok Scripts
A basic guide to scripts for the social platform

GIJN: How to Identify and Investigate AI Audio Deepfakes, a Major 2024 Election Threat

Verification Handbook: How to Think About Deepfakes and Emerging Manipulation Technologies

Future of News: AI Needs Journalism More Than Journalism Needs AI

Washington Post: AI is Destabilizing ‘the Concept of Truth Itself’ in 2024 Election

Wired: Educators are going All-In on Generative AI

The DALL·E 2 Prompt Book

10 Prompt Snippets to Improve ChatGPT’s Writing

RJI: Resources for Training Pop-Up Community Newsroom Reporters in Deep-Dive Journalism Basics

Forbes: 10 Most Important AI Trends for 2024 That Everyone Must Be Ready For

The Economist: The 5 Best Books for Understanding AI

Wired: Will AI Take Over Your Job, or Will You Work Side-by-Side with Machines?

Economic Potential of Generative AI

Christian Science Monitor: Can AI Programs be Trusted to Report the News?

Generative AI in the Newsroom: News Illustration with Generative AI

Online Journalism Blog: This is How I’ll be Teaching Journalism Students ChatGPT (and Generative AI) Next Semester
Teaching advice from Paul Bradshaw

Meet the AI Bots
A guide by Jeremy Caplan of Wonder Tools

AI in Media Slide Presentation
Ezra Eeman’s slide deck on how to navigate AI and incorporate it into your workflow. Check out his Wayfinder newsletter as well.

AI is Driving a Photo-Software Revolution
Joanna Stern looks at how Adobe Firefly, Midjourney and Try It On make it tough to tell what’s real.

Fast Company: The Creative Evolution of Generative AI
Guest opinion piece by an Adobe director on how the company is designing GenAI to accelerate human creativity, not replace it.

One Useful Thing
Outlines the impact of AI on work and education

Project Management in Newsrooms Guide
Download the PDF here

Short lessons in AI, technology, programming and more make it simple. Free 30-day trial.

9 Ways to Use AI in the Workplace

Generative AI in the Newsroom: Why Should News Organizations (Not) Build an LLM

Brick Generator
Create Lego models for your text

Prompt Vibes
A free newsletter and search prompts by categories from the homepage.

Prompt Stacks
Vetted prompts as well as a Discord community group of prompt engineers. Also offers paid courses.

Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia: How to Prepare for the Deluge of Generative AI on Social Media

JournalismAI Starter Pack
A guide designed to help news organizations learn about the opportunities offered by AI to support their journalism.

Generates artistic QR codes

Integrates ChatGPT with Google Drive, Notion and other tools.

Use AI to edit images in this phone app

Build and share videos

Helps you find AI tools


AI Stash
Search for AI tools

The best ChatGPT examples from around the web

Algorithms in the Newsrooms: Challenges and Recommendations for Artificial Intelligence with the Ethical Values of Journalism
Research-based analysis of the ethics of AI and journalism by Patrícia Ventura Pocino.

Emerging Architectures for LLM Applications
By Matt Bornstein and Rajko Radovanovic:

The Decade of Deep Learning
By Leo Gao

Project Manager Playbook for Collaborative Journalism

Building a Toolset for Journalism Collaborations

Giant list of Useful Tools and Websites

Columbia Journalism Review: The News Media and AI: A New Front in Copyright Law

Chicago Sun-Times: Artificial Intelligence is Good for Many Things, but it Doesn’t Work So Well in Journalism

NY Times: ‘A.I. Obama’ and Fake Newscasters: How A.I. Audio Is Swarming TikTok

Local News Initiative: Q&A With Northwestern’s Jeremy Gilbert on Artificial Intelligence

Nieman Lab: AP Announces 5 AI Tools to Help Local Newsrooms

The Fix: Nine AI Tools to Save Journalists Time and Money

Digital Content Next: What Generative AI Means to Media Companies

Nieman Lab: Journalists Productively Harness Generative AI Tools

EdSurge News: What Higher Ed Gets Wrong About AI Chatbots — From the Student Perspective

Birmingham City University: Generative AI Diversity Guidelines – Birmingham School of Media

What Can ChatGPT Do for Newsrooms?

Nieman Lab: Can AI Help Local Newsrooms Streamline Newsletters?

Podcast: Leveraging Generative AI with Jeff Sonderman

Wired: To Save Itself, Hollywood Must Build Its Own ChatGPT

The Atlantic: Google’s New Search Tool Could Eat the Internet Alive

Generative AI in Media & Journalism: Think Big, But Read the Small Print First

Intelligencer: How Will Artificial Intelligence Change the News Business? Here are Three Theories of the Case

Fortune: Fighting Bias in A.I. Means Acknowledging it Exists

Semianalysis (Substack): Google “We Have No Moat, And Neither Does OpenAI”

Marc Andreesen: Why AI Will Save the World

Emily Bender: AI – Resist the Urge to Be Impressed

Nieman Lab: Pres Freedom Means Controlling the Language of AI

Aimee Rinehart: Let’s Collaborate to Build a Journalism-Specific LLM

The New Yorker: ChartGPT is a Blurry JPEG of the Web

IJNet: How AI-Generated Images are Complicating Efforts to Combat Disinformation

GIJN: Tips for Investigating Algorithm Harm — and Avoiding AI Hype

Generative AI in the Newsroom: AI and News: What’s Next?

Example of a Newsroom’s AI Disclosure

Poynter: To Build Trust in the Age of AI, Journalists Need New Standards and Disclosures

Decoding Bureaucracy: Generative AI for Accessible Government Policies

Nieman Reports: Smart Ways Journalists Can Explore AI

Venture Beat: Stability AI Unveils Its First LLM as Open-Source Race Continues

NY Times: Data Revolts Against AI

PR Newswire: Communications, AI and Role of Ethics

AI Comprehensive Guide to Ethical Principles and Practices

One Useful Thing: Guide to Which AI to Use

Google Course: Introduction to Generative AI

Google Course: Introduction to Large Language Models (LLM)

Sarah Silverman Suing OpenAI and Meta Over Copyright Infringement

RJI: Don’t have a newsroom policy for ChatGPT? Join the club!

Editor & Publisher: Writing guidelines for the role of AI in your newsroom? Here are some, er, guidelines for that

The Workers at the Front Lines of the AI Revolution

Toward Guidelines for Guidelines on the Use of Generative AI in Newsrooms

The Atlantic: The ‘AI Apocalypse’ Is Just PR

RJI: The Art of Prompting: AI Science or Witchcraft?

Washington Post: A News Website Used AI to Write Articles, and it Was a Journalistic Disaster

Makkula Center for Applied Ethics: Ethical Questions About Generative AI

Poynter: How Someone Used ChatGPT to Build a Fake News Organization Website

Build ChatGPT-like Chatbots With Customized Knowledge for Your Websites, Using Simple Programming

AI Tool Hunt