AI writing tools

AI writing tools


Izooto: 8 Best AI Writing Software for Newsrooms

Notion AI
Has become an ethical and efficient choice for writing using AI. It transforms user prompts into various content types like blog posts, to-do lists and provides a variety of content templates (e.g., blog post, meeting agenda, sales email). It assists in idea generation and provides list suggestions based on specific prompts​, and custom models allow the AI to write in a company’s voice and use its data​​.

Text Blaze
Tool and Chrome extension offers Easy-to-use templates with endless customizability and powerful automation.

Canva Docs
Canva launched this tool in the second half of 2022 as a competitor for Google Docs. It includes a few AI tools, including the “Magic” tool that lets you type in a topic and it gives you some text related to that topic.
AI copywriting tool
Upload a document and ask it to analyze and summarize it.

AI content writing tool

Generate Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts, rephrase text, YouTube scripts and more.
Takes meeting notes for you, transcribes.

Transcribes notes from meetings, creates highlights, etc.

Google Pinpoint
This tool uses AI to analyze PDFs, strip text from images and transcribe audio.

Helps your team collaborate ethically with AI, so that you can write outstanding articles for your readers.

Searchable database: How to find and use the best prompts

Integrate snapshots and other documents here to speed your workflow

Use this tool to structure your prompts
Automates the typing process. Chome extension that cuts your writing time by 40% with AI-powered autocompletion and text generation.

Paragraph AI Writing Assistant

This Canva training video explores some of the AI tools that Canva Docs features. For more training videos, visit our YouTube page.
AI text-generation tool.
AI text-generation tool.

LongShot AI
AI writing assistant, good for long-form blogs

AI-powered story summarization tool

Build social media posts, images, advertising copy
Describe your business as you would to a customer or in an advertisement and it generates some URLs for you to consider.

Write long-form, SEO-friendly blog articles in a single click
AI-driven Twitter writing tool
Document-creation tool with AI features

Discover the connections and distinctions within your documents, as you effortlessly analyze and align your documents across any languages.

JECT.AI pulls from millions of published news articles and publications to give you recommendations for news angles and voices. It uses artificial intelligence to help editors, freelance journalists and others find emerging trends, potential news stories, and access new research and resources. Be careful using this tool and vet what you find.

Reverse Text
Smart summarizer tool.

Automatically writes your interview notes for you so you can save time.

Meeting note generator. Just drag audio into the tool and it’ll generate highlights.

Pro Writing Aid
Editing tool with paid upgrades; includes training events.

AI content writer generates \keyword-optimized content and image for your blog, website, etc.
Research and write your materials – a good autofill tool.

SEO content generator. Paid plans start at $15.

ProWriting AI
The best ChatGPT alternative that is tuned, trained, and designed to deliver world-class and consistent UX copies. All without leaving Figma.
AI-driven content analysis. Measure how scannable your story is. Free trial with paid upgrades at $9 a month.
Creates, executes and improves the digital marketing operations to enable 24/7 growth on autopilot for non-marketers and lean teams.


SEO expertise for writing articles, blog posts and newsletters

An AI-driven writing model. Free trial and tutorials. Fact-check everything.

Think ChatGPT for teams and enterprises. Research, generate, optimize content. Upload your docs, fact check, ensure zero hallucinations, integrate anywhere.

AI video script generator

An AI writing assistant that helps you create unique SEO-friendly articles for cents instead of dollars
Promo turns your latest content into amazing weekly/monthly newsletters. Design for free but charges by amount of emails/subscribers. Rates are reasonable.

ChatGPT Writer
Compose emails, etc.

Text editor useful for emails, writing drafts and storie notes. Takes a while to get used to but it can be worth it.
Create product descriptions, blog posts, etc. 10 Best AI Tools for Social Media

Resume writing tool

Newsletter writing tool. Free with paid upgrades.

Marketing newsletter writing tool. Freemium account with monthly upgrades starting at $9.

Create courses, lessons and quizzes

Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia: How to Prepare for the Deluge of Generative AI on Social Media
A good writing assistant if you’re stuck with writer’s block.

Typli.Ai – AI Writer & SEO Writing Assistant
Intuitive AI content tool that combines AI writing and an SEO assistant. Cost: $29 a month.

AI writing assistant, copywriting and paraphrasing tool.
Tool for automating workflows. Good for autoposting social media.

Vista Social: AI Assistant for Writing Social Media Posts
Uses ChatGPT technology to help you write better social posts. Has a free account option.

Create how-to guides, video documentation and much more with this Chrome extension

Excellent email writing tool. Free plan has many features but you can upgrade to monthly paid models starting at $9.

HyperWrite – Your personal AI writing assistant (
AI writing assistant

A note-taking app with several AI integrations, like a GPT-4 AI assistant and a Whisper AI voice transcriber. You can record a voice note ramble, have the AI assistant turn it into an article outline, then have it rephrase your writing when you get stuck.

AI-powered chatbot for your site, products.

Copy Smith
Mostly for marketing copy but has some good SEO features. Plans start at $228 per year.

Ellie Email Assistant
A simple email writing assistant starting at $16.

List of ChatGPT SEO Prompts

Piggy Quiz Creation
An AI-driven quiz-making tool.

Human or Not
Think you can recognize an AI bot? Chat with this tool for a few minutes and see if you can tell if you’re talking to a human or a bot.

Writing tool media and marketing. Generate more than types of copy in seconds, and promises plagiarism-free content for blogs, articles, ads, products, websites & social media.

Retails for around $400 a month. Marketing content platform with strong SEO tools, the latter of which could be helpful to journalists.

Summarizes anything with AI

ChatGPT assistant. Available as a Chrome extension.

AI-powered assistant specifically designed for academic writing. It understands context, identifies errors and offers suggestions. It also paraphrases and translates.
Email management tool. Send up to 5,000 in one blast.
Presentation writing and design tool.

Write better analogies. A simple and intuitive tool to generate analogies and metaphors, improve your arguments, explain complex concepts, and help readers get a better understanding of your content.

Copywriting tool for marketers. Monthly plans start around $60.

Tool for writing branded SEO content. Free trail with monthly plans starting around $50.

Job application assistant

Clickup ai
Hundreds of AI-driven tools for writing, productivity, etc.

Punchline AI Comedy Writer
Just for fun … it ain’t bad

Free prompt-writing templates with some paid upgrades. It runs on an open-source Jupyter notebook that lets you create AI how-to videos from text instructions. It runs on Replicate, LangChain, and GPT-4.

Log OpenAI requests. Search usage history. Track performance. Visually manage prompt templates.

Prompt Engineering Guide
Excellent primer on how to write effective prompts

G-Prompter Train Your Own Prompter
Free and simple to train and use immediately for fantastic Midjourney image prompts.

WNR Prompting Writing Templates

RJI: The Art of Prompting: AI Science or Witchcraft?

ChatGPT Prompt Genius
Write better prompts with this Chrome extension

Prompt Vibes
A free newsletter and search prompts by categories from the homepage.

Solves complex problems with prompt-chains

Prompt engineering tool

Prompt Stacks
Vetted prompts as well as a Discord community group of prompt engineers. Also offers paid courses.


Detect ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4, Bard, and other AI models. Various settings for AI and human + AI.

AI detection tool. Free with paid upgrades. Available as a Chrome extension as well.

Free AI detection tool with paid upgrades. Tracks several tools, including Claude.

Revision History
An extension for Chrome and Edge browsers that lets educators to see the edit history of students’ assignments in Google Docs.
The most accurate Chat GPT, Bard, Paraphrasing, and GPT-4 AI detector built specifically for content marketers and SEO. Charges a dime for every 1,000 words checked. Available as a Chrome extension as well. Price plans start at $15 a month.

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