Automation | chatbots

Automation | chatbots

Known as the “The Ultimate AI News Engine,” thesite uses artificial intelligence to turn unstructured news content into actionable data. Source real-time multilingual headlines, articles, and dynamic summaries from thousands of open web sources. Leverage intelligent algorithms and news-centric features such as news topic ranking, extraction-based summarization, and more to filter news for different types of users. Track news in real time across 20,000 highly trusted sources across the globe and pick the most important stories first. Access automatically aggregated news from news API. Access extractive short summaries of news in various languages.Monthly plans start at $10 with a free trial.

An online tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps. It does this by automatically linking and synchronizing the actions of most of the apps and software used in your company.
Upload a document and ask it to analyze and summarize it.

OpenAI’s webcrawler has documentation that news orgs can use to block the crawler from grabbing their content.

Text Blaze
Tool and Chrome extension offers Easy-to-use templates with endless customizability and powerful automation.

A ChatGPT plug-in and Chrome browser extension that generates custom automation with more than 30 applications. Scrape the web, update Google Sheets and boost your productivity.

AI-powered Document Chatbot. Ask anything about your files, get summaries, outlines and answers instantly. PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, ePub and even scanned documents supported. You can upload a file within 200 pages for free.

GPT-4 Vision Chatbot Builder
Allows chatbots to interpret and respond to text and images without any coding.

AskYoda by Eden AI
Combine AI/LLMs to build a custom ChatGPT
Turn tables into AI chatbots for your website and social media.

Cold Mail Bot
Automated tool for emailing

GPT-powered chatbot that Syncs with any public URL or your existing help center

The easiest way to build AI bots

Robo Response
Proactive AI chatbot

Creates personalized chatbots for your website

Takes meeting notes for you.
AI workflow automation suite

Automationwith GPT

No-Code AI Transformation
Integrate Google Sheets and Zapier for instantaneous translation, automated proposals, and seamless scheduling.

Automation/workflow tool

AI assistant that speeds up delivery and keeps your code safe

Use 6 Top Chatbots At Once
Engage with six leading chatbots on a single screen.

Create chatbots using your own data.
Automated meeting reports. AI-generated summaries, transcripts, playback and highlights to make your meetings more efficient and effective.

Loop in HQ
Removes the hassle from meetings – concise meeting summaries, automated recaps, and conversational assistant.

Create a chatbot for your data in minutes. Freemium account

Automatically writes your interview notes for you so you can save time.

Monica AI
GPT-4 AI assistant.
Get travel time and journey information directly in your calendar automatically, for customer appointments and meetings. Manage your calendar with our buffer time feature and appointment booking function.

AI Employe
Open-source GPT-powered browser automation
Create a free chatbot with no code

Turn your documents into a GPT and chat with them, get responses with cited sources 

Create a ChatGPT-like chatbot widget for your website 

ChatDox AI 2.0
AI assistant
Personalized chatbot for businesses

Builds a chatbot for your website in just a few minutes

Create a chatbot with a document

CapeChat automatically encrypts your documents and redacts any sensitive data. It’s powered by the ChatGPT API, so you get the best language model while preserving your privacy.

Free trial with paid accounts starting at $13 a month.

Lindy lets you build your own custom AI assistants to automate tasks and get things done faster – no coding

ITheta Labs Chatbot Building Platform
Offers a chatbot building platform for SMMEs, together with various AI/automation services. What sets it apart is the indepth business experience the team have, with over 10 years in the SMME field. 

Turn any content into a chatbot

AI chatbot

Incognito ChatGPT. No account required

Attio Automations
Powerful, customizable automations supercharged by AI

Perplexity LLama Chat
AI chatbot built by Meta

Chat with any PDF documents

AI Employe
GPT-4 Vision-powered browser automation

Save, search, and chat with bookmarks

Poe AI
AI-driven chat

Telegram-based AI chatbot with internet browsing capabilities

Free bot that sends you reminders on things you may have forgotten

Maximizes ROI with open-source AI chatbots

Live-chat assistant
A bot that you can train with your content or other materials you upload. Keep copyright and ethics in mind when using this tool.

Chat Simple
Build a chatbot in seconds with no code.

GPT-powered AI assistant for Telegram and WhatsApp

Automate interactive conversations in Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, and SMS to grow your brand.

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT tech, this tool transform data into conversations. Your uploaded documents and data become the foundation of your chatbot’s knowledge, allowing it to engage in meaningful and productive conversations.

Chain Desk
No-code tool that helps you create a custom AI chatbot trained on your data in seconds. Streamline customer support, onboard new team members.

Add ChatGPT to your website

A chatbot assistant for multisource information integration

Chatbot that interacts with PDFs

Build in-app AI chatbots and AI-powered text area

Kommunicate GenAI
Use generative AI bots on any platform
Set everyday messaging on autopilot. Choose from free, everyday AI messaging with Ignite to advanced AI messaging with advanced integrations and branded domain. Freemium with upgrades up to $40 a month.

Ask questions and chat with any file instantly using AI

Chat with any document

Quicky AI
Use AI on any website instantly just by selecting text. Packages start at $5 a month.

Build a base chatbot
Automates the typing process. Chome extension that cuts your writing time by 40% with AI-powered autocompletion and text generation.
Tool for automating workflows. Good for autoposting social media.

A custom GPT bot for creating websites