Summarization tools

Summarization tools

You can find more summarization tools on the Toolbox audio page.
Post the link to a YouTube video and get a written summary of that video in a few minutes.
AI-driven summaries of YouTube videos
Free audio summarization tool.

Video transcription tool. Summarize meeting notes. 

Monica Browser Plug-in
AI assistant that can do many things, including summarizing videos.

Uses AI to summarize research, documents and links

AI Summarizer
Free tool that also has  paraphrasing capabilities

Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant
Get quick answers and one-click summaries from PDFs.

Notta is an AI-based voice-to-text transcription software that supports 104 languages. Notta excels at transcribing and summarizing audio or video files, online meetings, and voice recordings. Additionally, Notta offers a suite of team alignment features, enabling users to schedule and transcribe Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams meetings, among other functionalities.

Free text summarizer
High-quality book summaries generated from source.

Converts images into summarized text with AI

Thousands of books summarized into five bullet points each.

Paraphraser AI Summarization Tool

Free text summarizer

Will rewrite and summarize a block of text.

Adobe Acrobat AI Summarizer
Acrobat now has AI tools that will summarize and analyze PDFs.

Grammarly for Business
Has an AI summarizer tool built-in. You can test in in a free trial.