What’s New

What’s New

Editor’s note: Some noteworthy AI tools and training videos that we’ve added to the site in the last few weeks.

Smart Tools AI
Smart Tools AI is a hub for best AI tools that help streamline the work of the users. It offers different tools in multiple categories such as keyword analysis, unit conversion, online calculation, website development, website management, domain analysis, password management, image conversion, text analysis, website tracking, online PDF and binary conversion.

AI Researcher
Perlego’s AI Researcher enables users to enter any search query and in response it suggests relevant excerpts from an extensive library of over a million textbooks that best answer that query.

Get transcription, research, data analysis and NLP software.

AI, Tech and Privacy Academy
From the site: Foster legal knowledge and critical thinking about technology in two main ways: first, our free channels—the newsletter, live lessons, AI book club, and social media content—reach thousands of people every day, spreading awareness and curiosity around the topic. Second, our training programs offer in-depth perspectives on technology and its legal & ethical challenges, empowering participants to upskill and advance their careers. [We] invite you to join our network, reimagine technology, and broaden your leadership opportunities.”

Anthropic Prompt Library
Must log-in to the Claude/Athnropic console to access it. 

Notta Showcase
Translate videos into 15-plus languages while retaining the original voice.

Google VideoFX
Generate photorealistic video powered by Veo, launched by Google at its I/O conference in May.

Nota offers a suite of assistive AI tools that can reformat human-created content into multiple different text, audio and video formats. You can use tools individually or plug them into your CMS for seamless integration. It creates SEO headlines, social posts, short videos, image generation and generates newsletters from stories. Paid tool. 

Nieman Lab: For the First Time, Two Pulizer Winners Used AI in Their Articles
2024 winner disclosed using AI while researching, reporting, or drafting their submitted stories.

An enterprise AI management and enablement platform that helps companies adopt and scale their use of generative AI with security, transparency, and simplicity that truly democratizes AI solutions across all job functions and skill levels. Developers and business users can quickly build AI applications using various models and data sources, allowing them to accelerate time to solution, adoption, and ROI.

Adobe Enhance Speech
Free AI tool that cleans up your audio.

AI Color Palette Generator
Helps users create cool and unique color palettes

MusicFX DJ
Google has added ‘DJ Mode’ in MusicFX, the generative text-to-music tool powered by Google’s MusicLM

High-quality book summaries generated from source.

Provides you with a powerful set of tools to help you verify the authenticity of news and statements quickly and conveniently. On the homepage, click on “Check Authenticity”. You’ll then find a text box and enter the claim you wish to fact-check into the box. After entering the claim, click the “Check Authenticity” button. The app will analyze the article and provide you with the result.

Zapier: How to Train ChatGPT to Write Like You

Generative AI in Journalism: The Evolution of Newswork and Ethics in a Generative Information Ecosystem (April 2024)
Includes responses from almost 300 news professionals to better understand generative AI and its use in the field of journalism.

Poynter: AI Detection Tools for Audio Deepfakes Fall Short
Experts test four tools and show options on what to do.

Phone Validator
Use this database to verify phone numbers. Good way to detect robo-call and spam numbers.

Monica Browser Plug-in
AI assistant that can do many things, including summarizing videos.

Fact-Checking ChatGPT Custom GPT
Checking facts in your text, providing quotes from reliable sources

Center for News Technology and Information: Watermarks are Just One of Many Tools Needed for Effective Use of AI in News

Summarize YouTube videos, PDFs, etc.

AP’s Local News AI Initiative
Webinars, research and how to implement AI into your newsroom.

AI-driven summaries of YouTube videos

Repurpose any content into viral social media posts

Writes and schedules personalized content for you, saving hours per week and growing your LinkedIn brand easily.

UNESCO’s Ethical Impact Assessment Tool for Artificial Intelligence 

Upload a PDF and ask questions of it.

Hook Generator GPT
Use AI for Twitter thread creation

Transforms PDFs into MP3 formats

A free newsgathering tool developed by Michigan Radio reporter Dustin Dwyer Powered by AI, it monitors the activity of local governments, finds city council meeting videos posted online and generates transcripts of the meetings. It stores them in a large database.

A “digital butler” developed by The Times and The Sunday Times that media can use to personalize the distribution of newsletters by learning from reader behaviors and preferences. By personalizing content, The Times and The Sunday Times was able to reduce the unsubscribe rate on their newsletters. Contact them for access/pricing.

Founded in mid 2023, Latimer was built on Meta’s AI model Llama 2. While its focus is on the Black community, this LLM is also trained on Indigenous and LatinX culture heritage and its intersection with Black culture.

PDF Insight
Generates “insights and summaries of PDF documents uploaded by users.”

Twitter List Search
A tool by Henk Van Ess to search for Twitter lists using keyword(s).


A simple interface that lets you search phone numbers, emails, license plates and other information.

Poynter: How Fact-Checkers Can Use AI Wisely
Excellent tips and tools

This expert search database now also features Information Tracer, which tracks disinformation spreaders on social media. *-Journalisttoolbox.ai readers get special free access to Rolli’s suite of tools for journalists, with invitation code: JOURNOAI redeemable at Rolli.ai




European Union Passes Artificial Intelligence Act
Law has sweeping regulations on AI use

Turn audio into written content

Web A/B split-testing design tool

NICAR Conference Resources Database
Links to presentations, GitHub repos, and tipsheets this year. The database starts at 2020.

Web scraping tool

Chart Analyst GPT
Analyze any chart, instantly. Just paste or upload an image of your chart. Include as many indicators as you want.

Builds news quizzes, crossword puzzles and other games using AI

Clean up messy screenshots mess with A

Whimsical Diagrams
A custom GPT that explains and visualizes concepts with flowcharts, mindmaps and sequence diagrams.

Text-to video tool from OpenAI

Skip Tracer
Collect and search YouTube transcripts for multiple videos from a channel.

Image Match
Compare two images to see if they match.

Deepfakes Tools Page
Start.me page dedicated to deepfake tools, including those used for detection

Top 7 Web Scraping Tools Using AI
List of tools appears lower in the guide, below the section explaining what scraping is.




Paid people search tool.

Google Lumiere
Google research is developing this “Space-Time Diffusion Model for Video Generation” that offes image-to-video, text-to-video, stylized generation, animation and more. 

AI Contently: Impact of AI on Search and Content SEO
It’s helping to better understand the intent behind the content.

Assistive Video
Create video from text and images., the generative video platform for creating videos from text and images.

UseStyle AI
Custom SEO tool

GPT Store in ChaGPT
Browse hundreds of tools developers have created.

Create viral carousels for Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok.

OpenAI Prompt Engineering Guide
The guide shares strategies and tactics for getting better results from large language models (sometimes referred to as GPT models) like GPT-4. The methods described here can sometimes be deployed in combination for greater effect. We encourage experimentation to find the methods that work best for you.

Advanced NLP techniques such as Entity Recognition and Sentiment Analysis to structure news archive content, sentiment analysis to gauge the mood and tone of the news articles and help users quickly filter for positive or negative sentiment. Suggestions for related articles, topics, and themes to help users discover new content and generate fresh ideas.




Deep Dream Generator
AI image generator that’s simple to use.

Create YouTube content, thumbnails, scripts, audience analysis and more.

COA Beat Assistant
Filipino journalist Jaemark Tordecilla created a custom GPT to analyze documents from the Commission on Audit (COA) for investigtative journalists in his country.

Earthly Reports
AI-powered reporting assistant, offering global environmental data, including detailed temperature trends. Dataset comes from the National Centers for Environmental Information and includes historical and spatial comparisons of global meteorological data to determine trends and patterns. Just type in a query and read the tailored, insightful data from around the globe.

Midjourney GPT
Build Midjourney image prompts 

ZDNet: How to Write Better Prompts

Prompt library for product prompts

InVideo AI
Text-to-speech video creation tool. Very easy to use. Freemium

EasySub – AI Subtitle Generator
Automatically generate subtitles and translate subtitles

A suite of writing tools that offers suggestions in the margins. Packages start at $10 a month.

AI Studios – Deep Brain
Simplifies the traditional video production process, providing you with everything you need at your fingertips. Turn text into videos in minutes. Starts at $30 a month.