Cool AI examples

Cool AI examples

Editor’s note: Examples of how newsrooms are using AI to create stories, sites and tools that are useful to their audience. This is a new page, so contact me through this form to suggest a site.

INMA: Hearst Newspapers Leverages AI to Build Local Content, Reader Loyalty

THE CITY: We Asked AI to Map Our Stories Across NYC
THE CITY has a mission to cover neighborhoods in all five boroughs. ChatGPT helped tell them how well they’re living up to that goal.

SF Chronicle: ChowBot
AI-driven recommendations on where to eat in the Bay Area.

A free newsgathering tool developed by Michigan Radio reporter Dustin Dwyer Powered by AI, it monitors the activity of local governments, finds city council meeting videos posted online and generates transcripts of the meetings. It stores them in a large database.

View Magazine: How AI Helped Me Capture My Father’s Rich, Unknown Life

A “digital butler” developed by The Times and The Sunday Times that media can use to personalize the distribution of newsletters by learning from reader behaviors and preferences. By personalizing content, The Times and The Sunday Times was able to reduce the unsubscribe rate on their newsletters. Contact them for access/pricing.

The Local Lens
An AI-powered public meetings database. It’s a starting point for journalists, advocates and others doing research at the local level. Be careful as the summaries are all written by computers.

An AI-driven news channel on Roku and YouTube