Custom GPTs

Custom GPTs

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GPT Store in ChaGPT
Browse hundreds of tools developers have created

Whimsical Diagrams
A custom GPT that explains and visualizes concepts with flowcharts, mindmaps and sequence diagrams.

Midjourney Prompter
Build Midjourney image prompts

Research more than 200 million academic papers 

Creates and hosts websites

Video: ChatGPT for Data Analytics
A one-hour, basic video tutorial on how to use the ChatGPT Data Analysis tool

Hook Generator GPT
Use AI for Twitter thread creation

COA Beat Assistant
Filipino journalist Jaemark Tordecilla created a custom GPT to analyze documents from the Commission on Audit (COA) for investigtative journalists in his country.

Data Analysis
Analyze and visualize data

Social Listening GPT
A ChatGPT custom GPT to gain insights into audience sentiments and trends. Gain deep insights into audience sentiments and trends with AI-driven social listening. Optimize your brand strategy with actionable data analysis and tailored recommendations Custom GPT for Journalism
Create chatbots and more

Custom GPTs for Local News Publishers
Excellent starter guide from Joe Amditis

Fact-Checking ChatGPT Custom GPT
Checking facts in your text, providing quotes from reliable sources

Legal Eye
A custom GPT that helps with research, sourcing and writing. May struggle a bit with sourcing as it learns and improves.

Improve my Writing,
Writing and editing GPT that’s good with grammar and sentence structure.

Video Maker by Lucas AI
Good with script creation and making videos, particularly converting text into videos. 

Best Custom GPTs
A list of thousands of them 

Creative Twitter Search Guide
A GPT in ChatGPT

GPT Studio
Browser plug-in that gives you analytics for custom GPTs

Coding assistant

PDF Insight
Generates “insights and summaries of PDF documents uploaded by users.”

Ad Copy Generator
Create high-converting ad copies like a digital marketing expert with this Custom GPT

Build a custom ChatGPT without code and monetize it on your website

Photo Filters
A custom GPT that applies styles from one photo to another

Chat Ur Data GPT
Boost productivity and unlock data insights with AI-driven assistance

Visla Video Maker GPT
Video maker GPT to create videos. Upload scripts, images and more.

ChatGPT Sugar
ChatGPT Sugar is a browser extension designed to enrich your daily interactions with ChatGPT. It is a collection of tools, seamlessly integrated into your ChatGPT experience.
ChatGPT with superpowers

Guide to GPT-3 Playground

Code Learner Guide
Guides in learning programming with time management for full-time workers.

Create images with prompts directly in ChatGPT

Creative Twitter Search Guide
Generates creative Twitter search links with advanced parameters

Think smarter with AI
A collection of GPTs

Math Mentor
Math homework help for parents (and journalists)

ChatGPT Classic
Older version of ChatGPT with no updates

Linkedin Post Formatter GPT
Use this custom GPT to format LinkedIn posts

Blog Outline Creator GPT
Use this custom GPT to create SEO-optimized blog outlines 

GPT for Google Docs AI, Sheets, Gmail, Slides, Forms

Prompty GPT
Prompt optimization tool

Journalist’s Toolbox Newsletter: Custom GPTs for Journalists

Newsroom Robots Podcast: Unlocking Custom GPTs for Newsrooms

Generative AI in the Newsroom: What’s in OpenAI’s Custom GPT Store for Journalists?

Your personal golf expert, helping you master every hole.